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Obviously, I like to cook, so I knew I wanted to make baby food. We started with avocado just before six months and have been trying new foods ever since. Along with the avocado, our peditrician wanted us to try baby cereal or oatmeal. After hearing that, I went home and started my research. I read blogs, forums, articles, and websites weighing the pros and cons on each brand. I knew I wanted something organic, something with added health benefits, and something with real ingredients – not chemicals. I picked Happy Bellies Oatmeal Cereal and have been hooked on the brand since. I even drove to three Targets to find it because it was sold out at each one I tried!

Happy Baby | Happy Holidays - Starting Solids with Happy Family Foods | Persnickety Plates

Now that Baby Girl is 8 months, I’m still making a lot of her food, but I’m having a hard time keeping up with her intake. Girl can eat. Not to mention the fact that she’s getting bored with my single flavor purees. She’s ready for some fun flavor combos and new textures. We recently tried the Happy Baby Organic Greens Puffs & she loves them (I tried them too & they’re really good!).

It’s Baby’s first Christmas around here and my family couldn’t be more excited. With the holiday fun comes a lot of hustle and bustle – back and forth to my parents house, all day shopping trips, etc. Having Happy Baby food pouches in our diaper bag is SO much easier than carrying around the frozen food portions that I’ve made. I’m totally comfortable using a pouch that has an ingredient list of “organic carrots, organic sweet potatoes, organic brown rice”. Plus, I take a probiotic daily so I like that their food has added probiotics. It really does make for a happy belly.

This picture is from our family holiday celebration at my parents’ house. She was super excited to get started with her new food and the crying is only because we weren’t moving fast enough. Happy Baby | Happy Holidays - Starting Solids with Happy Family Foods | Persnickety PlatesI had never handed her a pouch before (I’ve always spoon fed her) but she had no problem figuring out what to do. No hands, even. She flattened that bad boy in no time. ‘Tis The Squeezin’!

Happy Baby | Happy Holidays - Starting Solids with Happy Family Foods | Persnickety Plates

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Happy Baby | Happy Holidays - Starting Solids with Happy Family Foods | Persnickety Plates

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  1. aimee @ like mother like daughter says

    What a cute and sweet girl. Baby boy is still getting the hang of baby food, but I just know he will love all th e happy family products as soon as he starts esting just a little more

    • Melissa Williams says

      Thanks, Aimee! My mom keeps reminding me how lucky I am that she’s such a good eater. She’s been really easy so far:)

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