House Hunting Leads Me to Drinking

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We’ve been house hunting, pretty casually, for over a year now. The problem with looking for a house in Metro Detroit right now is nearly every available house is either a foreclosure or a short sale. That means a long process and lots of headaches. That also means, most of them have been stripped of all appliances. While it’s going to be an added expense to get all new appliances, that also means I get to pick out ALL NEW APPLIANCES. That makes me excited.

This is one of the images from my “grown up house” Pinterest board. How pretty is that back splash?


You know what would match that back splash beautifully? The Electrolux French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator. How gorgeous is this fridge?

I realize I’m a food blogger so I may be more excited about this than the average person but this fridge is pretty fancy. It has a perfect temp drawer so you can customize the temperature zones and keep your food and drinks at their ideal temps. There are also adjustable crisper drawers with self-closing drawers (that impresses my lazy side) to keep your fruits & veggies fresher longer. I often have to toss veggies that I didn’t use in time, so a drawer that could keep them fresher, longer? Perfect.

 All those features makes my party-loving, cooking/baking heart flutter. Just think of all the ingredients, dishes, and drinks I can keep in that beauty.

While I don’t have my dream kitchen (or appliances) yet, I can still make cocktails when I’m frustrated with the house search.

Summertime Zephyr

Source: Kelly Ripa
Serves: 1

Two pieces of cucumber
Two sprigs of sage
Two sprigs of mint
One sugar cube
One ounce (a shot) of gin
Splash of soda water

Muddle the cucumber, sage, mint, and sugar cube together.

Once all the ingredients are muddled, add in the gin and mix together.

Add in a few ice cubes and top with a splash of soda water.


Now through August 22nd you can enter (daily) to win the Electrolux French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator AND a trip to the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas at Live Love Lux. I will fight you for both, by the way, so game on. Also, for every entry and share, Electrolux is going to donate $1 to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. They have a goal of $125,000 so go enter. For both reasons.

Do you have your dream kitchen? What does it look like?

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  1. Lori Yates says

    Um yes, house-hunting in Detroit is a unique kind of hell. It’s fun…for about 3 days. My husband and I looked at, I kid you not, 88 houses in the Royal Oak/Ferndale area. This was 5 years ago, but there were just as many foreclosures and short sales back then, too.

    One house had a Thomas Jefferson light switch. I kind of wanted the house just for that.

    In another house, the kitchen was completely flooded, then frozen. A working man’s boot was frozen to the middle of the floor. That house, I did not want so much.

  2. kriste says

    Welcome to Collective Bias! Good luck on the house hunting!

  3. Just Jen says

    I love Electrolux appliances. And house hunting CAN be fun – good luck with it. Just stopping by to welcome you to the Social Fabric Community!

  4. BecHeflin says

    That black splash is GORGEOUS! Oh, and that fridge is MINE, Sistah! You wanna thumb wrestle for it? Bring it! lol

  5. brittany says

    house hunting for over a year! girlfriend, have your drink 😉 but is fun to dream about grownup backsplashes and such, huh!

  6. jennie says

    Holy moly, it’s gorgeous!!! So pretty!

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