If You Really Knew Me…Food Edition

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— I love orange juice, but hate oranges. I don’t even like to look at them.
— I don’t like any type of warm drink (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc.)
— I’m allergic to carrots. But I sneak a baby carrot or two every once in awhile.
— I love strawberries, but not if they have sugar on them. Preferably cut up by my dad.
— I love apples, cauliflower & tomatoes. But only raw, not cooked.
— I like cheese, but usually not when it’s melted and not on my sandwiches/burgers. 
— I don’t like any type of pulp or berries in my drinks.
— I don’t like “raw” bread. I like my sandwiches toasted.
— I can’t eat bananas (for health reasons) but wouldn’t want to anyway.
— Whenever I eat Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies, I like to put them in the microwave for a few seconds first. Try it. You’ll like it too.
— I don’t eat any type of seafood. Except McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish…& that hardly counts.
— I don’t like onions or celery or any crunchy things in an otherwise soft dish. (i.e. potato salad or pizza)
— I don’t eat hot dogs, brats, sausages. ew.
I could keep going. It’s no wonder they call me persnickety. What are some of your food quirks?

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  1. Sarah E. says

    You are persnickety 😛

    I have a weird thing with lots of raw, fresh fruits. I hate the texture of bananas, peaches, pears, etc. But I love the flavor of them.

    I don’t drink oj at all :X

    I hate bread when it’s soggy or cereal. So no crackers in soup, no dipping in sauces, no milk in cereal. Except rice krispies.

    I don’t like seafood, except tuna. Love tuna.

    I hate brats and breakfast sausage.

    Ricotta cheese disgusts me.

    I can’t eat yogurt if I think about how I’m eating yogurt or I’ll get sick to my stomach. But I love yogurt. A LOT.

    I hate eggnog.

    I drink my coffee 2/3 coffee 1/3 liquid creamer.

  2. thepinkrachael says

    I agree, bananas = bleurgh! And I wish I had a microwave to try that chips ahoy trick. Alas, I’m stuck with crunchy (although I do love them like that!)
    I have weird I like it but I don’t things…I love pizza but hate cheese; I like tuna steaks but hate tinned tuna… I think I like carrots, but if I have them with a meal I always eat them first to get them out the way!

  3. stephanie says

    haha you are persnickety! I LOATHE mayo {and it’s twin miracle whip} if it was the last food on earth I’d starve. for real. but other than that? I eat everything and I literally mean everything!!

  4. L.O.T.P says

    Wow, good to know!!! I have a few, I love any type of fruit but will not eat it heated. IE apple pie, peach cobbler.

    I also dont like corn bread, but love any other type of baked fresh bread.

    I also dont like any type of wet bread. I wont eat it!

  5. Kelly says

    I love sugar on my strawberries. Yum!
    I don’t like bananas either. Gross!
    I will be getting some Chips Ahoy when we go grocery shopping and trying your trick. That sounds delish!!


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