Not Food Friday: DIY Wedding Projects

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The other day on Pinterest I came across this pin and got inspired to make my own beaded wrap bracelet. I have two from Chloe vs. Tank but I’ve been wanting more and she’s been sold out. They look simple enough, right? So $23 later, I had my supplies from JoAnn’s and I sat down to make one. They’re not simple. This is how far I got:

I do plan to finish it. I just need to give it the right attention. Or just wait for Chloe vs. Tank to restock.

Being at JoAnn’s made me miss all the wedding crafting I did so I thought I’d share some of my projects. I got married before Pinterest was around and that makes me a little sad. I did a ton of DIY stuff for the wedding but I would have been a crafting fool if I had Pinterest. At least I had Etsy.

Rhinestone Toasting Flutes – around $5.00 for both

Ceramic Ring Bearer Plate – around $15

Memory Candles – around $27 for 6

Monogrammed Aisle Runner – around $20

Table Numbers – made in Photoshop, printed with a Shutterfly credit – free ninety nine
Rhinestoned Cake Topper – around $10
Tissue Paper Pomanders – around $2 each
“Here Comes the Bride” banner

Unity Candle

Save the Dates – made in Illustrator, printed via Snapfish

Hand stamped/embossed invitations – around $1.79 each

I could keep going but this is getting long & very photo heavy. Let me know if you have any questions. I have cost breakdowns and where I got my supplies. And more pictures, if you’re interested. And I like talking about wedding stuff. Did you/are you making any wedding crafts? I want to hear about it.

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  1. Jessica Peters says

    What a great post! My wedding board on pinterest is ridiculous. I could probably have four weddings and not do all the things I have on there.

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