Persnickety Pregnancy: She’s here!!

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I am so very happy to announce that Baby Williams joined us on March 27th!
 Persnickety Pregnancy: She's Here!!


I’ll give you a mini birth story, since I like reading those.

Starting around 33 weeks, I began itching. A lot. Like, insatiably, internally itchy.

It was the worst on my hands and feet, but affected my whole body.

My doctors ran bloodwork and found that my liver enzymes were elevated. Having Crohn’s, this has happened to me before and we’ve adjusted my meds, but being pregnant brought a whole different set of concerns (namely cholestasis).

For the next couple of weeks, I was watched closely with a non-stress test, weekly labs, and ultrasounds.

If bile acids spike, it can be very dangerous to the baby and it is generally safest to deliver around 37 weeks. Well, those labs, to confirm bile acid levels, take 7-10 days to come back. Talk about scary and frustrating. I felt like a ticking time bomb.

Last week I went to my appointment and everything checked out fine despite my super itchiness and gut feeling that something was wrong, but we were still waiting on lab results. Later that day my OB called and said they were going to start me on a med to help reduce bile acid levels since we had enough info from the results we did have back to call it cholestasis.

So, I stopped in at Target to pick up the prescription. When I left Target, my phone rang and it was my OB again, who had called my high risk maternal fetal medicine doctor, and together, they both decided I needed to be induced.

The next day, right at 38 weeks.

[The labs have since come back and cholestasis was confirmed, by the way]

So, I checked into the hospital at 7pm on the 26th and the induction started.

19 hours later, after lots of pitocin and contractions, her heart rate was dropping and I wasn’t making any progress.

So, it was decided that a c-section was the best plan for both of us. It’s not how I hoped things would work out but at that point I was pretty exhausted and ready to meet her.

At 5:41 pm on March 27th, Julia Ellen was born and immediately stole our hearts. We are totally smitten and my heart feels ready to explode at any minute.
She is absolutely amazing and we are obsessed.
Persnickety Pregnancy: She's Here!!

I’m not quite sure when I’ll get back into the swing of things here so be patient with me. I’ll be back. I also never got around to making any freezer meals which would be appreciated right about now.

Oh well.

Time for me to get back to staring at this beautiful baby girl that I am so honored to call mine.

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  1. Melissa says

    Congratulations! She is beautiful! Enjoy every minute of time with her 🙂

  2. yardsailor says

    Gorgeous! I know she will bring you joy forever.

  3. Andi Gleeson says

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you, and I’m very glad that you are both doing well! Enjoy your baby 🙂

  4. Crystal says

    Congratulations!! She’s beautiful!!

  5. Myra says

    She is beautiful! Congratulations Momma & Daddy!

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