Best Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

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These BEST Oatmeal Raisin Cookies are a staple in any cookie jar. Soft and chewy in the middle with a crisp edge, these cookies are the perfect treat!

stack of oatmeal raisin cookies.

Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

My grandma (& my mom) are not bakers. Coming home from school to cookies is not a memory I have, but I feel like Oatmeal Raisin Cookies were a staple in many houses.

I wanted to make a cookie that was perfectly crisp on the edges while chewy and soft in the middle and it took a few test batches, but I feel like I nailed it. 

This has quickly become one of my favorite cookies!

I get a lot of naysayers about raisins, if you don’t like them, try my brown butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!

Why you’ll love these easy oatmeal raisin cookies

Great recipe – This easy recipe is very similar to the recipe you find on the lid of the Quaker oatmeal container but I’ve made a few tweaks that made it even better. It will be the only oatmeal raisin cookie recipe you’ll need!

Classic cookies – Along with chocolate chip, everyone should have a classic oatmeal cookie recipe in their back pocket.

Customizable – I’ve had people tell me they make them with walnuts, craisins, chocolate chips, and other mix-ins. You can switch it up.

white plate with oatmeal raisin cookies

Equipment you’ll need

  • Baking Sheets – I like to use lipped cookie sheet so dough balls don’t roll off. Speaking from experience.
  • Silicone Baking Mats – I use these or parchment paper to get a nice, even bake.
  • Hand Mixer – As much as I love my stand mixer, I use my hand mixer even more.
  • Medium Cookie Scoop – Size #40 holds about 1.5 TB of dough.
  • Cookie Spatula – To easily move the warm cookies off the pan.

Ingredients for the best oatmeal raisin cookies recipe

Below is a list of the ingredients you’ll need to gather to make this recipe. Scroll all the way down for the full recipe card.

  • Butter – Most bakers prefer unsalted butter but I personally like to use salted. I like the contrast it gives to the sweet cookie.
  • Sugar – Granulated white sugar is what I’ve tested with.
  • Brown Sugar – I use light brown sugar but dark brown sugar can be used as well.
  • Eggs – Two large eggs. Start with them at room temperature, if possible.
  • Vanilla Extract – Pure vanilla extract, not imitation, for the best flavor.
  • Rolled Oats – Old-fashioned oats give much better texture than instant oats, which are ground. If you only have quick oats, they will work, but you’ll get a different texture.
  • Flour – All purpose flour. I haven’t tested with alternatives.
  • Baking Soda – Baking soda helps create a chewy cookie.
  • Salt – To bring out the other flavors and for balance.
  • Cinnamon – Ground cinnamon adds a warm flavor to the cookies.
  • Raisins – I usually have the traditional Sun-Maid raisins on hand for snacks so that’s what I use. Golden raisins would be a good option.
bowls of ingredients laid out to make oatmeal raisin cookies

How to make the very best oatmeal raisin cookies

  1. STEP ONE: Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Line baking sheets with a silicone mat or parchment paper & set aside.
  2. STEP TWO: First, in a medium bowl, cream together the wet ingredients (butter, sugars, eggs, and vanilla extract) with an electric mixer on medium.
  3. STEP THREE: Then, scrape down the sides of the mixing bowl and add the dry ingredients (oats, flour, baking soda, salt, and raisins). Stir with a spoon to fully combine.
  4. STEP FOUR: Next, use a medium cookie scoop to portion out 8 balls of oatmeal raisin cookie dough per pan. Bake at 350° for 8 minutes. Check at 8 minutes to make sure edges are slightly brown and centers are set. Bake 1-3 extra minutes if necessary.
  5. STEP FIVE: Finally, remove from oven and let cool on the cookie sheet for 5 minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool.
overhead shot of oatmeal raisin cookie stack.

What to serve with the best Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Serve these cookies after a dinner of Chicken & Asparagus and Loaded Cauliflower Casserole.

You might also want a glass of milk!

Tips for the best Oatmeal Raisin Cookies 🏆

  • Use old fashioned oats in these cookies. Quick oats will work as well, but you’ll end up with a different texture.
  • If you want your raisins to be extra soft, soak them in a bowl of boiling water while you’re preparing the rest of the dough.
  • Start with room temperature butter and eggs for best results.
  • If raisins aren’t your thing, you could use chocolate chips, chopped nuts, or other dried fruit.
  • Check these cookies at 8 minutes. You want the edges to be slightly brown and the centers a touch gooey. You’ll leave them on a pan for a few minutes when you remove them from the oven to finish up baking.

How to store oatmeal raisin cookies

Baked cookies will keep up to a week when stored at room temperature in an airtight container.

How long will oatmeal raisin cookie dough last in the fridge?

Dough will keep in the refrigerator for up to 2 days, when covered with plastic wrap, if you’d like to make it ahead of time.

Can I freeze this cookie dough?

Absolutely, I recommend it. I always have some type of cookie dough in my freezer stash.

To freeze, scoop out dough balls, leave them on a baking sheet covered in the freezer until they’re frozen through, then move them to a freezer bag.

They’ll be good for up to a year in the freezer (though I find using them within 3 months gives you the best results).

You can bake cookies straight from frozen, just add a couple minutes of baking time.

stack of 3 oatmeal raisin cookies with plates of cookies in background.

Should you soak raisins before baking cookies? 🍇

If you prefer plumper raisins, soak them in a bowl of hot water while you’re preparing the rest of the dough.

For added flavor, add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract to the mix.

Before using adding the raisins to the dough, drain the water & pat them dry.

oatmeal raisin cookies on baking sheet.


Can you use quick oats in oatmeal cookies?

You can use quick oats in these cookies, but I prefer old fashioned oats, which will give you that classic chewy texture.

Quick oats are ground up so the cookies end up one-note, with less texture. The flavor will be very similar so it really comes down to personal preference.

Why no shortening?

Some oatmeal raisin cookie recipes call for using shortening, but I used all butter in this recipe because that’s what I prefer. Either fat will work, but I feel like butter adds more flavor and richness.

Using butter in these cookies does mean they will spread, it is to be expected, but to combat that, I roll the cookie dough taller rather than round. It helps them to spread evenly.

If you prefer baking with shortening, you can swap it out in this recipe, your cookies will likely bake up taller, but they might lack a touch of flavor that the butter provides.r

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hand holding an oatmeal raisin cookie with a bite taken out

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stack of oatmeal raisin cookies

The BEST Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Melissa Williams | Persnickety Plates
The BEST Oatmeal Raisin Cookies are a staple in any cookie jar. Soft and chewy in the middle with a crisp edge, these cookies are the perfect treat!
4.53 from 369 votes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 8 minutes
Total Time 18 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 30 cookies
Calories 143 kcal



  • Preheat oven to 350°F and line baking sheets with silicone baking mats or parchment paper. Set aside.
  • In a medium bowl, using an electric mixer, cream together the butter, sugars, eggs, and vanilla. Scrape down the sides of the bowl.
  • Add in the oats, flour, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, and raisins and stir until just combined and raisins are evenly distributed.
  • Use a medium cookie scoop (approximately 1.5 TB) to place 8 dough balls onto the prepared cookie sheets.
  • Bake for 8 minutes. After 8 minutes, check to make sure edges are slightly brown and centers are set. If not, bake an additional 1-3 minutes.
  • Remove from oven and let cool on baking sheet for 5 minutes before transferring to a rack to cool completely.
  • Enjoy!



Dough will keep in the fridge for up to 2 days.
To freeze, scoop out dough balls, leave them on a baking sheet covered in the freezer until they’re frozen through, then move them to a freezer bag. They’ll be good for up to a year in the freezer.
You can bake them straight from frozen, just add a couple minutes of baking time. I always have some type of cookie dough in my freezer stash.


Serving: 1gCalories: 143kcalCarbohydrates: 22gProtein: 2gFat: 5gSaturated Fat: 3gCholesterol: 23mgSodium: 162mgPotassium: 87mgFiber: 1gSugar: 9gVitamin A: 160IUVitamin C: 0.2mgCalcium: 15mgIron: 0.8mg

Nutritional information is an estimate and provided to you as a courtesy. You should calculate the nutritional information with the actual ingredients used in your recipe using your preferred nutrition calculator.

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  1. Linda says


  2. Linda McMillan says

    4 stars
    Baking time way off, not even close. Had to bake the 8 minutes— then add 3 more— then another 2 before looking like they were ready. Then cooled another 5 minutes like recipe said. Just right—- delicious cookies. Maybe my oven?? Maybe my scoop too large?? I used medium.. slightly rounded.

    • Melissa Williams says

      Better than burnt?? lol I’m glad you liked the flavor, that’s what is important 🙂

    • Judy says

      3 stars
      Me too! Took way longer to bake. Glad it wasn’t just me.

    • Melissa Williams says

      Every oven will bake differently. 3 stars because they took longer to bake?? How did they TASTE?

  3. Cheryl says

    Can I add nuts to this recipe as written?
    Should I adjust any of the other ingredients?

    • Melissa Williams says

      I would reduce the amount of raisins to add some nuts.

  4. Diane says

    Can I use Quick Oatmeal vs the Old Fashioned?

  5. Rhonda Hanula says

    5 stars
    Awesome recipe and yummy cookies

  6. Elizabethanna says

    5 stars
    I am so happy I finally found a really good n delicious oatmeal cookie that is healthy compared to buying them at big grocery stores! I added chopped walnuts and cranberries and yum!! Thank y’all for this great recipe!!😀💗

  7. Donna says

    Can u use dark brown sugar instead of light brown

  8. Michele says

    Can these cookies be frozen after baked?

    • Melissa Williams says

      Sure, put them in a freezer bag with parchment between the layers, squeeze out any extra air, and freeze.

  9. Donna Pizer says

    Crock pot Honey bourbon chicken

    There’s no mention of bourbon in this recipe! Is this a mistake?

    • Melissa Williams says

      It is not a mistake, it’s explained above 🙂

  10. Peter says

    What’s the chance with a good turnout for me by using a combination of coconut & brown cane sugar in place of the white sugar & brown sugar with this cookie recipe ? I’m not a particular fan of overprocessed cooking ingredients like white sugar & such. Your advice would definitely be helpful here & appreciated also ! Thanx in advance.

    • Melissa Williams says

      I’ve never tried that combo so I couldn’t say.

    • Peter says

      Hi Melissa, thanx for not “beating around the bush” with that answer which you gave me, but nonetheless I still would love to try out those cookies ! So do you think googling my particular inquiry would be of any help ? 🤷‍♂️

    • Peter says

      Hi Melissa, Peter here. Google was somewhat helpful but didn’t offer me all the help of what I need to know with adding or taking away from certain ingredients of this oatmeal raisin cookie recipe. All it said was that your baked goods will be denser or not as moist when substituting the white &/or brown sugar with coconut sugar. Neither did they have any recommendations of how much to increase with the fats when doing so.

    • Melissa Williams says

      Baking really is a science and would likely take some tinkering and testing to get the ratios right.

  11. Monica says

    5 stars
    The recipe was simple and quick but I had to bake my cookies for about 20 minutes before they turned nice and brown. They are really buttery so my next batch will just use 1/2 cup (1 cube) of butter. Overall, I like the texture and the hint of cinnamon. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Nancy says

    5 stars
    Tasted delicious. Moist and chewy just the way I like them.

  13. Jeff Dettling says

    1 star
    Baked for 13 minutes. Still weren’t done. Bottoms burning. Rewrite your recipe more competently

    • Melissa Williams says

      Sounds like you need to fix your oven, and your attitude, Jeff.

  14. Jean smiley says

    Had to bake for 12 min and flatten with fork! I used craision in stead of raisins ! Delish

  15. Ruth says

    5 stars
    I baked mine 11 minutes. They turned out perfect and they taste delicious

  16. Diana says

    5 stars
    Cookies are fabulous! I did have to add 4 minutes to the time it took to cook them. But I have a feeling I made the cookies bigger than suggested in the recipe.

  17. Cynthia Warner says

    5 stars
    I used 1/2 c butter and 1/4 c shortening and soaked the raisins in boiling water. I chilled the dough for 1/2 hr, and built the dough into “tall balls”. Came out perfect!

  18. Donna Adams says

    I soaked my raisins in water and drained them before adding to the dough. I should have taken a paper towel to get any excess water out. I also added some nuts.
    Had to bake the cookies a little longer because of the wet raisins..

  19. Fran says

    5 stars
    Amazing. Made with my granddaughter so even more special

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