Persnickety Baby: Baby Must-Haves (0-3 months)

I feel like i was just writing my Pregnancy Must-Haves but Baby Girl has already been around for three months! Crazy. Here are some of my favorite, sanity saving, products from the first three months.
Baby Must-Haves for 0-3 Months | Persnickety Plates


Lemonade Teagarita & our new date night #CuervoTeagarita

Since having a baby, date nights have changed considerably. We used to go out every Friday night. Usually dinner. Sometimes a movie. Sometimes a bar. Lately, we grab whatever we can get for dinner and are passed out on the couch by 11, weekend or not.

I'm not complaining; have you seen this face? But, things are definitely different.

Thankfully, for the past week and a half or so, Baby Girl has fallen into a bit of a schedule and after our nightly walk, has been down for the night by 9:00 pm or so. 

9:00 pm! That means that we have about two hours for date night before I pass out. 

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