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The top 10 posts of 2016 on Persnickety Plates! The most popular, most viewed, YOUR favorites.

The top 10 posts of 2016 on Persnickety Plates! The most popular, most viewed, YOUR favorites. |

I love looking back on the year and seeing which recipes were well received. You guys like sweets. Good thing I do, too.

TOP 10 POSTS OF 2016

Going backwards, the most popular are…

#10 – Strawberry Jello Poke Cupcakes – I made these for breast cancer awareness month and they were a hit. They’d also be great for Valentine’s Day (right around the corner…the stores are already decorating)

Strawberry Jello Poke Cupcakes start with a white cake mix but are jazzed up when you poke holes in them and pour on some strawberry Jello. It makes for a really moist, flavorful, and pretty cupcake! | Persnickety Plates

#9 – Baked Salsa Chicken Casserole – I’m happy this one is in the Top 10 because I love a good casserole and they never seem to rank very high with my readers. Try it!

One Dish Baked Salsa Chicken Casserole is perfect for busy week nights or any night that you want a quick and easy dinner that's full of flavor! | Persnickety Plates

#8 – Chocolate Chip Oreo Bon Bons – I’ve done a few variations of these “bon bons” (or truffles) with the different Oreo flavors and they’ve all been popular. No bake recipes are always a nice break.

Chocolate Chip Oreo Bon Bons are a sweet little no bake treat using Choco Chip Oreos. | Persnickety Plates

#7 – Soft & Chewy Ginger Snaps – I just posted these classic cookies last month and they quickly shot to the Top 10, which makes me happy.

Soft and chewy Ginger Snaps are an easy, fragrant cookie that are perfect for any holiday cookie spread! | Persnickety Plates AD SpiceYourHoliday

#6 – Brownie Bottom Halloween Cupcakes – These were really fun and really good. What’s not to love about a combo of brownie + cupcake?! You could skip the orange food coloring and these would be great any time of year.

Brownie Bottom Halloween Cupcakes have a layer of dark chocolate brownie topped with orange cake batter and finished off with buttercream and sprinkles. They are the perfect mix of semi-homemade and "from scratch" to be easy but really fun and festive for your next Halloween party! | Persnickety Plates

#5 – Pistachio Poke Cake – I’m glad this was well received in the virtual world because it has quickly become my most requested recipe to make in real life. Of all the things I make from scratch, this doctored cake mix recipe is everyone’s favorite.

Jazz up a cake mix in this super simple Pistachio Cake that people ALWAYS ask for the recipe for. | Persnickety Plates

#4 – Garlic Herb Dip – SUPER easy cream cheese based dip that’s great for parties and would be perfect for a NYE spread.

Garlic Herb Dip has a cream cheese base filled with fresh herbs. Super easy and paired with Van's Foods Crackers makes the perfect snack for your next party. | Persnickety Plates

#3 – Better Than Box Mix Brownies – so this wasn’t technically a 2016 post but I revamped the pictures this year and it worked – it shot up to #3. You really do eat with your eyes first! This is my go-to brownie recipe and it makes a family size pan.

Why make a box mix brownies when I'll bet you have everything on hand to make these? They really are "Better Than Box Mix" brownies! | Persnickety Plates

#2 – Halloween Cream Cheese Swirl Brownies – These were really popular in a short amount of time. Maybe because they’re so bright and pretty but they’re also really good.

Halloween Cream Cheese Swirl Brownies have a layer of rich, dark chocolate brownie topped with a layer of orange cheesecake then swirled together for a spooky treat. | Persnickety Plates

#1 – Cream Cheese Funfetti Bars – Finally, the #1 most popular post of 2016 was  Cream Cheese Funfetti Bars that I made for spring time. Really easy, really good, and really festive for spring/Easter. Pretty much everyone likes Funfetti – it’s already been pinned more than 181,000 times!

Cream Cheese Funfetti Bars | Persnickety Plates AD

And, if we’re not counting new posts just from 2016, the MOST viewed Persnickety Plates post was Crock Pot Honey Bourbon Chicken, by far. I updated the pin for it and it took off. It’s a easy dinner idea that has gotten really good reviews, even though half of the comments I get are people pointing out that there’s no bourbon it in. I KNOW, GUYS. I KNOW. -_-

Slow Cooker Honey Bourbon Chicken | Persnickety Plates

Thanks for reading in 2016 and here’s to a happy, healthy, and tasty 2017!

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  1. “I know, guys, I KNOW.” Hahaha! Great collection- it’s nice to see when a post that’s new still ends up in your top 10 for the year! I’m going to have to try that casserole this winter.