Top 10 Posts of 2015

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The top 10 most popular (i.e. most viewed) posts on Persnickety Plates in 2015!
Persnickety Plates Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2015!

2015! Where did you go?!

I had a lot of fun blogging this year. It has really turned into a second job for me (well, third, if you factor in being a mom) but like they say “love what you do & it won’t feel like work” or however that saying goes.

I struggled with which “best of” posts to show you here today. If I go with overall “most viewed” for 2015, you’ll see a lot of the same posts from last year. So, I decided to show you the most clicked posts that I actually published in 2015. Do you care which way I do it? Probably not.

I also did a #bestof2015 (most liked) on Instagram the other night & got this. It summed up my year pretty well:

Here we go…

#10 – Simple Dark Chocolate Brownies.
I originally posted these in 2012 but I re-shot the pictures and it helped because it shot up into the top 10. You really do eat with your eyes first!
Super simple homemade brownie recipe that makes rich, chocolatey brownies with a perfect flaky crust | Persnickety Plates
#9 – Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chip Blender Muffins
Julia loved these – these muffins are flourless, free of refined sugar, and whip up right in the blender.
Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chip Blender Muffins - a simple, flourless muffin might right in the blender! | Persnickety Plates
#8 – Country Style Green Beans (a Cracker Barrel Copycat)
So easy & full of flavor.
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cracker Barrel. All opinions are 100% mine.
#7 – Chicken Spinach Orzo Skillet
Love one pot wonders – I realized I love orzo in 2015 so I’m happy you liked it, too.
Chicken Spinach & Orzo Skillet | Persnickety Plates
#6 – Chocolate Banana Muffins
Julia misses out on most of my sweet treats but I let her have these (because, bananas) & she loved them.
Chocolate Banana Muffins - chocolately banana muffins filled with chocolate chips & sprinkled with sugar. Homemade but you don't even have to get the mixer out! | Persnickety Plates
#5 – Baked Sweet Potato Fries
I love that this is a popular post because it’s one of my favorites and I make them all the time.
Baked Sweet Potato Fries | Persnickety Plates
#4 – Cheesy Chicken Pasta Skillet
Another one pot wonder. Cheese, chicken, & pasta? No wonder it’s popular.
One Pot Cheesy Chicken Pasta Skillet | Persnickety Plates
#3 – Loaded Cauliflower Casserole
I’ve made this a couple times & it’s been a hit. A great (lower carb) alternative to loaded mashed potatoes.
Loaded Cauliflower Casserole - a low-carb alternative to loaded potato casserole! | Persnickety Plates #CrystalFarmsCheese AD
#2 – Hot Chocolate Poke Cake
If you like chocolate, you need to try this cake.
This Hot Chocolate Poke Cake takes everything you love about hot chocolate and puts it into cake form. Perfect for a holiday celebration! | Persnickety Plates
#1 – Slow Cooker Chicken Potatoes & Green Beans
Last year I realized you guys love slow cooker meals and I didn’t make nearly enough of them this year (honestly it’s because I struggle with taking a pretty picture of slow cooker meals). I promise I’ll try harder this year.
Slow Cooker Chicken, Potatoes, & Green Beans - your entire dinner made right in the slow cooker! | Persnickety Plates #SCNRF #PMedia #adSo there you have it. The most popular of 2015. If all goes well, I’ll be back later this week to show you MY favorites from this year.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the MOST viewed post, the reigning champ, for the third year in a row, was my Buffalo Cauliflower.

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